Book by Bernsen and Dybkjśr published October 2009

Multimodal Usability is a book on how to build usable multimodal computer systems. It is written by Niels Ole Bernsen and Laila Dybkjśr and was published on 20 October. Multimodal Usability is an introduction to user-centred specification, design, test, and evaluation of multimodal interfaces and multimodal interaction. It appears to be the first textbook that generalises HCI, or Human-Computer Interaction, to multimodal HCI, and usability to multimodal usability.

Springer's flyer on the book describes the development steps needed to create usable multimodal interaction and shows the table of contents. displays the book here.

This website

This website supports and complements your work with the book by adding solutions to exercises, a modality Wiki, Case documentation, easy retrieval of websites and author-related papers and books referred to, colour versions of images, website search functionality, a discussion forum, and various contact pages. The modality Wiki, in particular, goes beyond the book and other published material, and constitutes a resource in its own right.

"What happened to the e-book?", we ask in Multimodal Usability. Right now a lot is happening, so one of the authors has made a usability analysis of Amazon's Kindle 2.