Endless options

There are numerous options for realising the maths system with some combination of linguistic interaction - speech and/or typed language; input and/or output - and character animation - 3D and/or 2D; embodied or face-only?

3D Mae

Figure 1. 3D Mae with a friendly facial expression as shown by the dimple.

3D Mae GUI

Figure 2. Speech and typed language out, typed language in.


Figure 3. Could the maths system be done just with spoken conversation, no need for typed input or output, not even for the blackboard?

2D Mae

Figure 4. Mae might also be nice in 2D, and since all mouths shown this page are in 2D, this might be more consistent than gluing a 2D mouth onto a 3D face.

Console maths

Figure 5. Or why not keep the console that was used for contents development?! It's pure content, no need to mess with GUI development, character animation, or speech I/O! What would the users think?